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Take a Guilt-Free Vacation
While Your Pup Has Fun!

I honestly think that Gigi had a better vacation with Jenny than we did in Hawaii! She pampered and took care of Gigi as if she were her own. I highly recommend using her services!


– Shirley W. 

All boarding is in a home setting—not a kennel—for boarding your dog while you’re away.  Home boarding is an excellent alternative to a kennel facility, as it provides a much more cozy, familiar, fun environment for your dog.  My yard includes a 4,000 square foot play area, so they get plenty of exercise and socialization. Boarding includes attendance in Puppy Play School (socialization groups), should the boarding dates cross over and should your dog be a good fit for the group.   

FAQ About Boarding Your Dog



Where Will My Dog Live & Sleep?

I try to keep your dog’s environment as similar to that of your home as possible, for the comfort of your dog.  During the day he is a member of the family, moving freely throughout the house & playing in the yard.  At night he sleeps on a dog bed in the house.  For maximum comfort, I suggest bringing your dog’s bed so he has something familiar with him; however, if you don’t wish to, I have dog beds here.


How Long Will My Dog Be Alone During the Day? 

Because I train in my own home and with clients close by, I'm home a lot and typically not gone for longer than 2-4 hours at a time.  Your dog will get tons of exercise with walks and have furry friends to play with.


What Should I Pack When I Board My Dog?

Please bring your dog’s food, any medication with written instructions, and his bed.  If your dog is crated at your home, I can provide a crate here.  I have food & water bowls, including a slow feeder when needed.  Bringing toys is optional; there are plenty here!


Are Vaccinations Required to Board My Dog?

Yes, proof of vaccinations is required at the time of booking.


Can I Have My Dog Trained While I'm On Vacation?

Yes!  Clients wanting some training for their dog while they are on vacation often choose to do Boarding Style Training during that time instead of simply Boarding, as it’s a cost effective way to get results when they are away anyway, although adding the training is not required. Click here to learn more about Boarding Style Training.  Either way, the rules you have for your dog at home will be maintained while he is here.

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