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Puppy Kindergarten


Help! I have a puppy!

The Perfect Puppy: How to Raise A Well Behaved Dog 

Private Puppy Training in Los Angeles

Puppies can be a lot of work!  But they are even more work when naughty puppy behaviors are allowed to cement into life-long habits.  Investing a small amount now in raising your puppy right will ensure you raise a well-behaved dog you can enjoy – rather than enduring the headaches, stress, and additional costs of trying to reverse bad behaviors later. 


What Should Puppies Learn First?

Puppies need to learn manners, boundaries, and structure! Puppies come with a variety of naughty behaviors that need to be addressed when they are young.


The Puppy Kindergarten program includes 5 private, one-hour coaching sessions.  It’s a custom program for each puppy, but typically we cover:


  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • Mouthing/Biting

  • Inappropriate Chewing

  • Intro to Recall (“Come”)

  • Inappropriate Jumping

  • Socialization

  • Leave It

  • Drop It


As we work together, I’ll demonstrate with the puppy, and then I’ll hand the leash over for you to try.  The goal here is for you to learn to raise a well-behaved puppy! 


When Should I Start Training My Puppy?

The sooner the better!  When possible, I even recommend starting your first session before your puppy comes home.  Because our sessions are private and the training area is sanitized, there is no need to wait for the completion of puppy vaccinations.  In fact, studies have shown that prior to 14 weeks of age is the “magic” period for learning and retaining behaviors.  Don’t wait!

I did a puppy kindergarten program, and her advice to help me raise my new boxer puppy was clear, on point, and helped me avoid SO many bad habits I didn’t even know I already had!  A word of advice – start EARLY.  We even had our first session before the puppy even came home so I knew how to set up the house and the crate.  - Jamie K


Power   Chewer

Puddle Leaver


Professional High Jumper







The Top 7 Commands Every Dog Should Know


Learn the
“first time, every time” concept for a dog who listens immediately.




It's like having
an "Off Button" 
for your dog!




Because what good is Sit or Down if they can't stay put?



For safety and convenience – a dog who returns  immediately
when you call him.


Leave It


Without this command, your pup may eat gum from the ground, dropped medication, you name it!


Being yanked down the street?  Enjoy your walks with your pup walking by your side.


No more jumping on your guests - or your nice clothes!


These top 7 commands are introduced
in the Basic Obedience program.

Cover the material with private coaching sessions in your home.

Send your dog
to Wet Noses to be professionally trained.

Advanced Obedience

Your Dream Dog

• Increase your adult dog's proficiency in skills  

• Increase the level of distraction your dog can handle

• Fine-tune your dog's abilities

• Broaden your dog's vocabulary

• Add some impressive tricks

Continuing Obedience

Brush-up on the "Big 7"

• Does your dog "sometimes" sit when you tell him?

• Does he know the basics but needs some improvement?

• Does your dog need to see a treat before he'll listen?

• Ready to train real-life scenarios with increased distractions?



Solving Common Dog Behavior Problems

You might have a dog that’s generally well-behaved
but has one or two bad behaviors you’d like to work on.

Rather than enrolling in an entire obedience program, these sessions can be done à la carte
and customized to your needs.

  1. Jumping up
  2. Leash pulling on walks

  3. Destructiveness

  4. Excessive barking

  5. Mouthing (playful biting)

  6. Resource guarding (protectiveness of food, toys, etc.)

7.  Separation anxiety

8.  Potty accidents

9.  Digging

10. Over-excitability with people, animals, or motion (bicycles, vacuums, workers on property, etc.)

Top 10 Common Dog Behavior Problems:

Just For Fun

Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog at Any Age

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

Yes!  Teaching a dog of any age new tricks is a fun way to bond.  There are tons of impressive & easy tricks you can both learn how to do. 


Top 15 fun dog tricks any dog can learn:

• Kiss

• High Five

• Spin

• Hugs

• Sit Pretty

• Walk Tall

• Hands Up!

• Freeze

• Take a Bow

• Say Your Prayers

• Wave Goodbye

• Shut the Door

• Passing Notes

• Weave

• Bang! Play Dead

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